CA Events

CA Events


The CA Winter Experience 


Join us this December for the Best of the Best Winter Event there is! Come spend 2 and a half days over winter break with our remarkable coaches! This event will put a strong focus on learning NEW skills! With dedicated sessions for standing tumbling and running tumbling, perfecting current skills and working new ones. Athletes will learn a camp dance, work on jump technique, and have the chance to compete in mini competitions. Join the fun this Holiday season! Come have a blast this holiday at CA!


Where: CA Plano

1300 E Plano Pkwy C, Plano, TX 75074

When: December 27th-29th 


Day 1: 8:30am (Check-in and coach interaction) Camp Ending at 3pm.

Day 2: 9am-3pm

Day 3: 9am-12pm.


Lunch will be provided on Day 1 and Day 2.

Age restriction: This event is for 5 years of age and up.


The first 20 athletes who register get a reduced rate of $219.00

Then the rate goes back up to our normal price of $239.00


We are so excited to get a chance to work with you and provide an amazing CA Winter Experience! Come celebrate the Holidays with us!


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NEW! Sign up now for our CA SPOTLIGHT CLINICS! These clinics are designed to spotlight certain areas and aspects of cheerleading that will carry huge importance throughout a season and cheer career. We also wanted to spotlight our coaches who are super excited and passionate about the aspects they are teaching! 


Our first round of CA SPOTLIGHT CLINICS are:

September 28th


Routine Prep with Coach Justin Robinson

Come work on your routine and condition the skills you are being asked to throw!


Athlete Flexibility with Coaches Ciera Postlewaite and Aiden Garcia

All athletes need to focus on Flexibility it is the foundation for skill development, injury prevention, and overall physical fitness. 



Jumps with coach Justin Robinson

Everyone can stand to work on their jump technique and stamina!

Flyer body Positions and Drills with Coaches Ciera Postlewaite and Aiden Garcia

Flyers should look identical in the air, pulling body positions and holding them the same exact way. Come learn and work on having the best body positions in the gym!



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Plano: Cheer Fun 101!

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Cheer Fun 101!

This 12-week Program is designed as a fun non-competitive option that introduces kids into the world of All-star Cheerleading and Training as a Cheer Athletics Athlete. Over the 12 weeks, coaches will take each group of athletes through basic skill training (Tumbling, Stunts, and Jumps.) Also, they will be introduced to learning choreography as they will learn a short routine to be shown-off on the last day.

Duration: 12 weeks (Three months)

Price $99 a month.

1 day a week

1 hour a week.


We have 2 age groups during this fall session.

Practice times:

Ages 4-6 year-olds.

Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm 

Starting September 3rd ending November 19


Ages 7-11

Starting September 5th Ending November 21

Thursdays 4:30pm-5:30pm



Sign Up Now Online. This will be in the class section of Iclass.


Plano Pop-Up Clinics

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Plano Pop-Up Clinics are a fantastic way to get extra work on skills during the school year/competition season. Whether you want to learn a new skill or need to get the reps on a skill you are being asked to throw in a routine. A Pop-Up Clinic is the perfect place! Sign-Up and as camp begins let the instructors know what skills you are needing to work on!


Price: Only $45

All Tumbling Pop-ups will be from 4pm-6pm.

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Currently, we have.

September 7th

4pm-6pm: Levels 1 and 2

- Working skills: Cartwheel/Round offs,  to round-off 3 back handsprings... Back Walkovers to standing back handspring.

4pm-6pm: Levels 3 and 4

- Working skills: Round off back tucks, Round off back handspring tucks/layouts... Standing 3 back handsprings, standing tucks, standing skills to layouts etc.


September 21st

4pm-6pm: Levels 5 and 6

- All Twisting skills

4pm-6pm: Front and Back Walkovers

- Anyone needing to master their front or back walkovers!


Summer has ended and we are in the process of setting up our fall and winter events!

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CA EVENTS Information

Phone: (214) 460-0809

Monday-Thursday 10:00am-4:00pm*
*Please note that Event staff Office hours may vary throughout the year.