Mak Thomas E:

Mak began cheering 17 years ago; she was an athlete on Jags, Panthers, Cheetahs and Swooshcats! She has experience teaching classes, training with CA summer camp staff and assists in the business office at CA Plano. Mak just completed her first season coaching Show Kittens and LOVED every minute of it. She was also able to showcase her diversity coaching Prowlers and the all-star prep teams. 

Upon graduation from high school, Mak attended Hawaii Pacific University and was a member of the acro & tumbling team. Cheerleading has definitely paved to her this wonderful life, full of fun memories and lifelong friendships! Along with cheer, she has a knack for special effect and formal make-up. Mak is looking forward to a bright future at Cheer Athletics and getting to know even more of the families at CA Plano!

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