Grayson Daley E:

Known for his amazing athletic abilities and strong leadership skills, we are happy to announce Grayson Daley as one of our newest all-star coaches in Plano! We find reassurance when an athlete desires to continue growing with us. He has shown success and promise through multiple CA Brands as a current Class Instructor, Camps & Training Staff member and All-star Prep Coach. His vibrant and friendly personality is one that draws athletes in even more eager to learn.

Grayson started cheering seven years ago; he is a 3-time MAJORS Champion, 2-time NCA Champion and a 2-time World Champion! A graduate of Flower Mound High School, Grayson shows determination, maturity and a strong desire to give back to the program that has meant so much to him. He enjoys spending time with his two younger sisters and friends. Naturally, his favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Alfredo pizza. Attention Cheer Athletics: let’s welcome Coach Grayson!

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