Erique Prince P: 972.275.6781 E:

With a longstanding record for athleticism and determination, Erique sets an excellent example for athletes he coaches. Growing up he participated and was successful in many different sports, but tumbling was always one of his favorites. He was recognized for his exceptional talents, even receiving some scholarships. Erique attended Baylor University and was a Yell Leader while there. Originally from Frisco, Texas, Erique coached for a few other programs in the area, before calling CA Plano home in 2013. He is dedicated, poised, professional and very easy to talk to. Simply by the success of the teams he coaches, it reflects Erique’s consistency and attention to detail for every athlete on each of his teams. When he isn’t coaching, Erique likes to read, study philosophy and work out. His smile lights up a room and radiates good vibes to all those that surround him.

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