Debby Rogers P: 972.275.6781 E:

Debby has been a member of the Cheer Athletics family since 1999, when her daughter D’Lora began cheering at CA. D’Lora competed with Cheer Athletics for many years, and her son, John, has a daughter, Trinity, who now cheers at CA as well! Debby always wanted to be a cheerleader growing up, but she says that since she couldn’t do the splits, she settled for being a baton twirler instead. Debby began managing the team reps in 2000, and has held that position ever since. You can always find Debby in the Front Office as well, where she keeps everyone (including the CA staff!) in line. Outside of the gym, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching good movies. Debby loves being a part of Cheer Athletics, and considers the staff, athletes, and parents to be her giant extended family. 

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