Ambrel Brannon P: 972.275.6781 E:

Ambrel grew up in Rowlett, Texas, and began her cheerleading career with Cheer Athletics in 1995. She holds the record for most seasons as a CA athlete, having competed for 19 consecutive years (1995-2014). During this time, she won 12 NCA National titles and seven World Championship titles! Ambrel has medaled as an athlete or a coach at the World Championships  every single year since it’s inception in 2004. She first started teaching classes at CA in 2006 and then teams in 2010. Her passion for the sport and working with others in undeniable. Ambrel is a true professional in every endeavor; she is patient, kind and strategic. Each year she strives to help each athlete reach their own personal goals. It’s important for Ambrel to know while coaching skills in the gym, her athletes are also gaining life lessons to carry them through life. In addition to being an incredible athlete and coach; Ambrel is a devoted wife, loving daughter and superwoman of a mom to beautiful two year old, Brixten and their dog, Luna. She is a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she graduated in 2011 with a Masters in Computer Science. The Brannon’s love to travel, enjoy college football games, the arts and are huge fans of Disney, Harry Potter.

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