2018 -2019 Season Holiday & Gym Closings

This is a list of dates when the gym(s) will be closed for normal operations.  Occasionally, specific teams may have exceptions to these and schedule practices during these times.  Please check with your team rep / coaches. 

CA Holiday Closings & Important Dates for 2018-2019

First Day of Practices -

Saturday, June 9th (same as Sunday schedule)


Independence Day-

No Teams Sunday, July 1st - Sunday, July 8th (teams resume Mon, July 9th)

Gym Closed – Wednesday, July 4th


Labor Day -

Gym Closed Saturday, Sept 1 - Monday, Sept 3 (Gym reopens Tues, Sept 4)


Blue Debut -

Saturday, October 27


Thanksgiving -

No Teams Sunday, Nov 18 - Saturday, Nov 24 (teams resume Sunday, Nov 25)

Gym Closed Wednesday, Nov 21 – Saturday, Nov 24 (Gym will be open for camps)



No teams Friday, December 21 – Saturday, January 5 (Teams resume Saturday, January 5th with a Sunday Schedule)

Gym closed Sunday, Dec. 23 - Tuesday, January 1 (Gym will be open for camps)


Spring Break-

No teams - Monday, March 4 - Sunday, March 17th(teams resume Mon, March 18)

(Gym will be open for camps, classes and privates during this time) 


Easter -

Gym Closed - Sunday, April 21



Last Day of Practices for 2018-19 Season

Wednesday , May 15th