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2014-2015 Tryout Info

Thank you for your interest in Cheer Athletics! All info on our upcoming tryout sessions is in the packet below.

2014-2015 Tryout Packet

2014-2015 Tryout Skills Expectations - Letter from CA Staff

Private Tryouts

Private tryouts can take place Monday through Wednesday between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. No appointment is required for a private tryout session. Private tryouts cannot take place during a regularly scheduled tryout session.
Private flyer tryouts can take place during the hours detailed above, but do require an appointment. Please call the business office to schedule an appointment for a private flyer tryout.

Video Tryout Information

All tryout videos will need to include the following information:

  • Full name of athlete
  • Athlete age as of 8/31/14
  • Best contact number (parent’s phone number if athlete is a minor)
  • Where athlete is from (city and state)
  • Name of the gym athlete competed with last season
  • Level athlete competed last season
  • Position in stunting (main, side, back spot, or flyer)
    • Please note that we do not accept front spot as a basing position.
  • Brief explanation of why you want to be a Cheer Athletics athlete

After providing this information, you can move on to your skills portion of the video. This will need to include all of the standing and running tumbling that the athlete is able to perform without the assistance of a spotter on a standard spring floor. Any skills thrown with assistance (including skills thrown on a tumble track or rod floor) will not be judged and will not count toward the athlete’s team placement. In the jump portion of the video, we must see 4 whipped jumps connected to a tumbling skill. This will be necessary for all levels. We would also like to see the athlete demonstrate their ability as a base or a flyer. Please show your highest level of stunts, including all the body positions, mounts, and dismounts that you are able to perform with perfect technique. Please include your highest level of basket tosses as well. The final portion of the video needs to include a short routine that shows you performing at least one standing tumbling pass, one running tumbling pass, and multiple jumps to standing tumbling. This needs to be done to music with no video editing. *Your personality in your video will also be taken in to consideration.

Cheer Athletics will not place you on a team or review your video if you have not completed the registration process or paid the tryout fee in full.

Please send all video tryout submissions to