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Athlete Awards

Rachel Wysong Award

Given to the graduating athlete showing exceptional dedication and commitment


1999-00 Elizabeth Satajaj

    2000-01 Jill Steininger
    2001-02 T Thomason
    2002-03 Molly Armstrong
    2003-04 Sarah Matthys
    2004-05 Kelsey Alton & Natasha Yates
    2005-06 Matthew Cherry
    2006-07 Brandon Burton & Lexie Badali
Matt McGrath Award

Given to the graduating athlete showing exceptional talent and performance ability

    02-03 Brittney "Speedy" Segars
    03-04 Misty Brown & Laura Mikeska
    04-05 Mak Swicegood & Brittany Talbert
    05-06 Tye Hill
    06-07 Ambrel Mitchell
Josh Metzger Award

Given to the athlete who has made the biggest effort and/or sacrifice to be a part of the program

    05-06 Josh Metzger
    06-07 Brenna O'Toole & Matt Scorcz
Athlete's Choice Award

Given to the most exceptional athlete in the program (voted on by CA athletes)

    05-06 Ambrel Mitchell
    06-07 Brandon Burton


Individual Athlete Awards

    06-07 Most Improved 06-07 Best Attitude 06-07 MVP
    Heather Jetter (IBK) Brooklyn Cazzelle (IBK) Gillian Rupert (IBK)
    Abby Schuman (IBK) Courtney Pryor (Kittens) Shelby Conn (Kittens)
    Caira Pettway (Kittens) Brennan Gillilan (Leopards) Makayla Preskitt (Leopards)
    Scarlett Perkins (Leopards) Brianna Williams (Cats) Sydney Theroff (Cats)
    Peyton Mabry (Cats) Jala Redmon (Lynx) Haley A. Smith (Lynx)
    Holly Everett (Lynx) Alex Johnson (T-Cats) Entire Team (T-Cats)
    Ashley Echelberger (T-Cats) Alex Doran (Jags) Danielle Nowell (Jags)
    Kayla Fields (Jags) Alysa Machac (Bengals) Entire Team (Bengals)
    Carly Manning (Bengals) Audrey Pritchard (Sabres) Alyssa Chase (Sabres)
    Jayme Langlet (Sabres) Alexandra Alderdice (Cougars) Katy Spangler (Cougars)
    Kaylee Montero (Cougars) Alisa Hancock (Prowlers) Skylier Burns (Cougars)
    Rachel Massey (Prowlers) Cassie Trammell (Panthers) Entire Team (Prowlers)
    Kendall Moore (Panthers Ashley Williams (Pumas) Ambrel Mitchell (Panthers
    Katherine Douglas (Pumas) Tyler Harris (Wildcats) Tommy Johnson (Pumas)
    Haley Chandler (Wildcats)   Entire Team (Wildcats)

05-06 Most Improved

05-06 Best Attitude

05-06 MVP

    Claire Carney (Itty Bitty Kitties) Heather Jetter (Itty Bitty Kitties) Gillian Rupert (Itty Bitty Kitties)
    Gretchen Botens (Kittens) Shelby Conn (Kittens) Madi Rose Carney (Kittens)
    Kendall Gorman (Kittens) Grace Howell (KittyKats) Valerie Bradley (KittyKats)
    Lauren Nicol (KittyKats) Janie Tekel (Cats) Emily Silberstein (Sabres)
    Axie Andrews (Cats) Brooke Kelly (Sabres) Kayla Fields (Thundercats)
    Kristen Holden (Cats) Chelsea Paschall (Thundercats) (Whole Team) (Bengals)
    Megan Busby (Sabres) Jordan Wilson (Thundercats) Kendall Moore (Jags)
    Carly Cooper (Thundercats) Megan Collier (Bengals) Skylier Burns (Cougars)
    Keely Cherry (Bengals) Olivia Brunk (Jags) Haleigh Elkins (Pumas)
    Bianca Garrett (Jags) Amanda Compton (Cougars) Amanda Holub (Prowlers)
    Jaci Mitchell (Cougars) Ashley Williams (Pumas) Hayley Tannery (Panthers)
    Shannon Stanfield (Pumas) Brittany Taylor (Prowlers) Brandon Burton (Wildcats)
    Caitlin Swindle (Panthers) Lexie Badali (Panthers)  
    Lindsay Holland (Prowlers) Caitlin Swindle (Panthers)  
    Lauren Vasquez (Wildcats) Tyler Harris (Wildcats)  
      Tommy Johnson (Wildcats)  

04-05 Most Improved

04-05 Best Attitude

04-05 MVP

    Emily Drewek (Tigers) Rachel Allen (Kittens) Samara Taper (Kittens)
    Whitney Wedgeworth (Kittens) Sydney Theroff (Kittens) Allison Norton (Kittens)
    Gretchen Botens (KittyKats) Shelby Armstrong (Cats) Keely Cherry (Cats)
    Bianca Garrett (Cats) Brianna Williams (Cubs) Rebecca Zernick (Cubs)
    Janet Ndomahina (Cubs) Katelyn Lundy & Chelsea Paschal (Thundercats) Allie Otey (Thundercats)
    Makenzie Snodgrass (Thundercats) Haleigh Elkins (Bengals) Dasha Illushin (Bengals)
    Alex Flowers (Bengals) Kaleigh Jones (Jags) Halston McMullan (Jags)
    Kendal Moore (Jags) Cady Dicus (Tigers) Courtey Page (Tigers)
    Emily Drewek (Tigers) Emily Silberstein (Sabres) Kristen Ritter (Prowlers)
    Ashley White & Rachael Belisle (Sabres) Sharde Redmon (Prowlers) Mak Swicegood (Panthers)
    Kate Doviak (Prowlers) Laureen Hutchens (Panthers) Lexie Badali (Pumas)
    Sarah Jenkins (Panthers) Amanda White (Pumas) Wildcat Team (Wildcats)
    Jodi Galperin (Pumas) Tyler Harris & Jamie Mitcham (Wildcats)  
    Jake Murray (Wildcats)    
      03-04 Most Improved 03-04 Best Attitude 03-04 MVP
    Candice Martin (Jags) Kendall Baginski (Jags) Lexie Badali (Jags)

02-03 Most Improved

02-03 Best Attitude

02-03 MVP

    Nicole Tomalin - Chelsey Burton (Kittens) Audrey Pritchard (Kittens) Kylie Leeper (Kittens)
    Chelsea Boleyn (Cats) Alex Flowers (Kittens) Keely Cherry (KittyKats)
    Marissa Lyles (Cubs) Katelyn Lundy (Cats) Winslow Bright (Cats)
    Dasha Ilushin (Thundercats) Hailey Hundley-Harper (Cubs) Camille Warren (Cubs)
    Heather Clarkson (Bengals) Claire Pritchard (Thundercats) Laura Shelton (Thundercats)
    Halston McMullan (Jags) Auburn Dyer (Bengals) Whitney Brewer (Bengals)
    Ashley Tucker (Tigers) Jordan Donahue (Jags) Morgan Savage (Jags)
    Whitney Foster (Sabres) Missy Maddox - Charm Boleyn (Tigers) Darnelle McNeese (Sabres)
    Misty Goff (Pumas) Shealee Skoog (Sabres) Molly Armstrong (Pumas)
    Whitney Burton (Prowlers) Courtney Alton (Pumas) Bri Menard (Prowlers)
    Brandon Burton (Wildcats) Catelyn Holder (Prowlers) Candace Powers (Panthers)
      Audra Bullard - Hillary Bridges (Panthers) Matt McGrath (Wildcats)
      Kyle Eades - Jarred McLaughlin (Wildcats)  

CA Athletes - we misplaced the list of awards from the 03-04 Banquet. If you know of any other award winners that are not listed, please email Jody so that we can put up a complete list.