Private Lessons

Private Lessons

CA Austin Private Lessons

Semi privates – a maximum of 3 athletes at one time
Privates – one on one with the coach *

*Please be aware with this type of request the cost and availability may vary.

There is a mandatory $49 annual gym registration fee that you'll need to pay before your first visit to the gym.

If you are not already enrolled in Cheer Athletics, please visit our parent portal (click here for link) to create your account and complete the online waiver. You'll then need to stop by the Business Office on your first visit to pay your annual registration fee of $49. This must be completed before your athlete will be allowed to participate in the private lesson.

Brandon Hertel Group Level 1-4 Self 512-484-7360
Brandon Hillin Group, Coed Level 1-5 Self 512.367.0675
Cameron Witt Group, Coed Level 1-5 Self 919.244.4859
Jay McCartney n/a Level 1-5 Self 214.986.9297
Jessica Gentry Group Level 1-4 Self 817.304.1426
Jered Stitt Group, Coed Level 1-4 Self 614.981.6726
Julia Whiteside Group Level 1-5 Self 214.796.6727
Kalueb Valverde Group Level 1-5 self 210.885.6204
Omar Gudino Group Level 1-5 self 956.500.2215
Stephanie Waller n/a Level 1-4 self 603.318.1398
Tanner Wagner Group, Coed Level 1-5 self 512.945.6601
Travis Thomason Group, Coed Level 1-5 Self 808.554.5104



Depending on the coach, tumbling privates can cost between $25 - $35 per ½ hr per student. Stunt privates typically cost more, usually between $40 - $50 per athlete per ½ hr, payments should be paid directly to your coach at the time of the lesson. Please check with the coach at the time of scheduling as to which form of payment they will accept (i.e. if they accept a check please make sure it is made payable to your coach NOT Cheer Athletics, if you chose cash, please note the front office keeps a very limited amount of cash and may be unable to provide change).

Please contact the coaches directly to schedule your private, some of the coaches have schedulers who you'll contact and they will let you know what times are available and their costs. All of the coaches are GREAT, but as they all have different personalities and different coaching styles, your athlete may be drawn to one coach more than another. Feel free to schedule with a few coaches, and see if it's a "match." When you find the coach who is compatible with your athlete and whose time slots match your schedule, you can always request to make it a recurring private lesson. Please let us know if you have any other questions, thanks!